Aero Active Cooler Cleaning

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Hello , I already used Rog 2 quite a some times now . Did anyone got tip or trick on how to clean the aero active cooler since some dust do get in there and making a weird sound . Last time i got it when i put it in my pocket and it picked some kind of piece of the cotton and making loud sound when the fan are active . Luckily, i manage to pick the cotton out of the fan . And now , not so luck , another thing stuck in there and i cant get it out .


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    Try to use air blower and brush for cleaning photography gear.

  • Hello.. I got trouble on the fan active cooler since I already use the phone for 8-9 months with mostly attached fan, now I face the sound when using it in high speed performance even in the auto that are slower speed, is there any way to open the fan to remove all the dust, because I can't find a guide that can really clean inside the cooler until now.. thanks in advance

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