Battery degrading quite fast with good charging habits

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I ordered my phone on 09/23/2019 and currently the battery is only around 5200mAh when fully charged.

I pretty much never charge it to full or leave it. I keep the phone between 20-80% constantly. The hottest I see the temperatures get on my phone is 30-40C(According to GameGenie when playing)

I decided to charge it up to full to check what the total was.

Should I be worried about this? or is it quite common for batteries of this size. I am coming from a Pixel 2 XL. Which has some pretty terrible battery life comparatively.


  • These kind of apps can only estimate (guess). Next time you charge it, it will say something else.

    On a new phone, you battery will be at full capacity. This question is something you may start asking in 2-3 years depending on how you charge your phone.

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