Asus 6z Restarted Twice in 5 Days. Is it Normal or issue

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I bought Asus 6z 10 days ago everything is working fine but today it automatically restarted and 3 days ago same thing happened is this is motherboard issue or normal


  • ColorSageColorSage Level 3
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    Too early to say. The latest official builds of android 10 still need polishing which is quite visible on custom kernels (Kirisakura). It might be just an issue with memory leaks or something on Android level. Regardless, keep an eye on it. If it keeps randomly rebooting even after a factory reset it may be an HW issue.

  • Someone on Telegram said that try to run Antuu Benchmark for 3 times in a row so you can find that its a hardware problem or not because phone will gonna use the full potential I tried and for 2 times in a row works perfectly but when try to run 3rd time its started for 1 min and cameback to homescreen but doesn't reboot

  • funny thing, I never success completing antutu, it's always back to home screen. I forgot on the firefighters test or after that. But when I run 3dmark it's fine

  • Yeah, it is known heat makes the failure worse. If nothing bad will happen (antutu crash doesn't mean much unless it starts crashing every time) then probably it's just this FW. If you want your phone to be rock-stable, use the downgrade tool to Android 9.

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