Instagram video call battery drain too much and phone heat up zenfone 5Z

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On latest FIRMWARE .46 A10 During ongoing instagram video call phone heats up alot on the bit right section of fingerprint scanner and battery drain is too much i used instagram for 29 min and battery drain was 19% during video call



  • Hi

    1) Check your instagram version, make sure they are updated. There have been many cases of battery drain with FB related applications.

    2) And yes, video calls will drain battery (as camera does use a lot of battery) - however I cannot say 19% is reasonable or not.

    3) Please also try to clear your instagram settings and re-login + restart your device.

    Ping us if you get further issues in future instagram calls, thank you

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    Thanksaalot for such quick response m always in love with this new support on this new forum by u mods especially u @CH_ASUS thank u sir ?

    Although i keep all apps up to date Yes sir will try the steps u suggested and revert back in future pretty soon ??

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