Zenfone 6 discontinued?

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Has the Zenfone 6 really been discontinued?

B&H Photo Video's site states the product has been discontinued, and the official Asus site now has no store options to buy it from!

Did this really happen?


  • In india it's available across all the platforms mentioned above so i don't think it's discontinued

    May be it stopped shipping to a specific region

  • That's what I'm wondering if they're discontinued or not. Hopefully they have more parts available for repairs and all, but when I go to view their website for purchase, it gives an error message.

  • It's probably bc it doesn't work well on US networks, with many of us currently not being able to make it receive phone calls.

  • JebJeb Level 1

    Most of those problems, if not all, have been patched with the recent updates.

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    i have the lastest update and still have text and call issues on t-mobile. asus is saying its a t-mobile issue and t-mobile won't help with a phone they don't sell. i like the phone but worried i may miss an important call or text so may need to switch to another brand.

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    Same here. I don't see much effort in getting vowifi or volte to work in the US. I've waited long enough and dealt with enough issues. Time to move on and not buy Asus again. I guess I'll throw the Zenfone in a drawer for possible travel.

  • Nope, unfortunately. They seemed to fix the speaker issue but I doubt that calls and texts will ever be reliable as I would assume (maybe incorrectly) that it is due to lack of volte support in the US and, being that it costs money to test and enable such a feature, it's not going to happen at this point. I hope I'm wrong.

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    It's neither perfect nor ideal but for other TMobile users the T-Mobile Digits app does function as a backup (allows calls and VM and texting). Again it shouldn't really be necessary but it does not seem to miss anything since it goes via data (if you set it up that way).

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    Do we have an official word from Asus??

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    Try to find me any unlocked phone - besides an iPhone - that works flawlessly with VoLTE or VoWIFI. Asus or not, it's not something you typically get from an Android device manufacturer on an unlocked phone.

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    Not sure what you're referring to. I never claimed that. I only claimed that the Zen 6 has literally no (stock) volte at all in the US. Having it should improve functionality. No phone is likely to be perfect. Just living in 2020 and hoping for 2020 (or 2016, really) level phone calling functionality ?

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    Any update on this?

  • Hello, i live in Indonesia and it's extremely hard to find this phone on the online/offline store across the country

    So, i decided to looking for this phone from Malaysia or India (6z). I need a 8/256gb version of this phone

    Can someone please help me? You can send me the link to buy this phone online, thanks

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    It's not in stock with flipkart and nowhere else it's available since it's an fk exclusive.,

    and probably it's not getting manufactured further

    this could be a temporary scarcity due to COVID Outbreak, majority of Supply Chain got affected, and there are even more factors like revised GST , import regulations

    There might be very few stocks left, where I got mine on 6th of this month

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