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I own Asus Rog 2 but why it does not support asphalt 9 high graphics? It only has two option that is default and performance. Why do? Other Snapdragon 855 phone supports high graphics. Such a shame


  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I would say it's because the Rog 2 screen is "only" full HD and not QHD or whatever like on Samsung. I tried high graphics option on Samsung Note 8 and the game was throttling like crazy. To make it more responsive I was actually using performance mode. That was the only way to be competitive in multiplayer.

  • MonarkMonark Level 3

    Asus 6z also don't support it anders once said it's the game developers part the phone models which are included will get high quality i also read many saying even on oneplus 7 pro there is no high quality option. Just check in reddit?

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