Phone screen goes black when device gets hot playing Call of duty mobile

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Model : Rog Phone 2 (ZS660KL)

Android : 10

Other Details : Attached

Whenever I play Call of Duty mobile, after a few minutes the temperature rises to 43 degree celsius and the screen goes black. Everything is working fine, the sound, the game but the screen is completely black. The OS display is also working as I can drag the notification shade, go back to home and operate normally.

This happens EVERYTIME and it seems very ironical that I am facing this issue with a gaming phone. I have tried playing around with the armoury settings but still no luck. 

This used to happen with me before the latest update as well but I tweaked some scenario settings in the crate and it was gone. However, ever since I updated my android, it is happening everytime despite of the armoury settings. 

What's the reason behind this? This is completely ruining my gaming experience and its very disappointing ?


  • No meu caso a temperatura não e problema mas em Batle Royal a imagem trava penso que seja erros do jogo ou será do telemóvel não ser apropriado? Comprei o ASUS ROG Phone 2 de preposito para jogar Call of Dutty mas não deve ter sido a melhor escolha, fiquei muito desiludido...

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    Android 10 is the problem. A lot of people started to face this after updating to A10 (with other cell phone models too) so the problem here is not the ROG 2 but Activision that knows most people are still on Oreo or Pie and won't care optimizing their game for A10. It's not a problem of overheating either.

  • But I was facing this issue with A9 too, it somehow got fixed by some tweaking of settings. Now I observe that this issue doesn't occur when I play the game on low graphics. As soon as I switch it to medium, it starts happening.

  • @Titan_ASUS @Anders_ASUS Please look into this, this is happening with a lot of people and very frequently too.

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    Download firmware downgrade back to Android 9 search how on Xda web site it's pretty simple once you do that you can mess with Settings on over and underclocking in performance also tweek in game settings thjs is only fix right now but it works 80 % with no crash and much less lag seams pretty stable on Max fps and medium graphics

  • Hope it helps everyone let me know what settings ur able to run best on if you also mess around with xmode performance

  • Never know till you try it :) also it's there to be used don't waste such an amazing feature we all got lucky to have

  • Yeah I think that's the only issue. Do I need to worry about my data before downgrading? I don't have a backup and I would prefer not going through that hassle.

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