Black Crush Issue on my Screen

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In dark scenes there is black screen issue and watching experience is ruined. After reading different forums it is said that it is a software issue, if that's the case, then we need a patch.

Can anybody please confirm this issue.

I have also posted an image for reference, if you too see strange greyish colours in this image above 30% brightness then you also have a black crush issue, please confirm that this issue is in every unit or just mine.

Please google black crush for more details.


  • Please be more detailed. Where can I find the same video?

  • Here is one more image you can see texture in hairs is getting crushed.

    This is on Amazon Prime.

    Startup Season 2 episode 10.

    Also in dark scenes there is heavy pixelation in dark areas. You can watch the invisible man or any other movie which has lot of dark scenes in that it is very much evident.

    Dark areas turn greyish/greenish and make it look abnormal.

  • Hi @akhilj66

    I am here to accompany you. I got my Asus ROG 2 in mid July 2020 and out of curiosity updated to A10 to version 17..0230..2004.60. I am seeing very bad Black Crush on netflix, little less on primevideo and very less on youtube.

    Do you think it is Software issue or might be a hardware issue with AMOLED screen for Asus. I am not sure yet. Should I return the phone because it does matters a lot to me too..

    I don't see much users complaining about it also, maybe they never noticed or they aren't facing.

    What are your findings till now ? Or any workaround if you have found.

    Wish to hear from you.

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    Are you guys using 120hz refresh rate? Does it get better when you use 60hz or 90hz?

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    Yes, Its the best on 60Hz, its just the screen which is like this on High Refresh. Screen Issue, maybe of Low Quality AMOLED build.

  • VampVamp Level 3

    I recently had no clue why black crush is more prominent on 90Hz or 120Hz. So I started digging internet and also had a thread in Zentalk. The thing is AMOLED is top notch in its quality as it's been able to produce 120Hz. But the problem is that when we switch from 60Hz to 90Hz or 120Hz, just like camera, the brightest and the the dimmest part of the screen refreshes at a higher rates, causing change in gamut. That change is significant as as property of AMOLED, the pixels turns off after a minimum value of voltage. At 90Hz or 120Hz as voltage is being constant but work done by the pixel is increased by half or doubled causing dark grey pixels to turn off causing black crush.

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    Oh! Nice explanation, so whats the solution now? live with black crush?

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    Yeah we can't actually do anything about this... It's a problem with all the higher refresh rate displays out there...

    The best phone with AMOLED which actually handel black crush very well are current iPhones...

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    Hi, black crush is very prominent there is no workaround to that, service center don't see it as an issue and I have had no luck in the forum for a fix. In my opinion it's the image processing of Asus due to which we see this happening. I have used many Samsung phones and none of them had this issue they were all Amoled with 60Hz. Higher refresh can cause tint but black crush is not caused by it.

    Industry leaders like Samsung, Apple make sure that their devices have the best visual experience with their image processing.

    I don't know anyone locally with this phone so I can't compare and find that whether it's an issue in my unit or with each unit.

    I prefer not to watch movies on this device, but if I still have to I keep it on 60Hz with 30% brightness this the sweet spot I have found where both red tint and back crush is comparably the least.

    I have beast of hardware but what's the point if software's not up to the mark.

    I still get very annoyed whenever I think about this issue, spent hard earned 40k could have easily gone with OnePlus but Rog 2 features got the best of me as I didn't realise that displays can have this serious issue.

  • +1 on this one @Anders_ASUS,

    Issue is prominent in HDR videos, or normal, vidoes With dark scenes,

    For reference : the Expanse on amazon prime, Dark on Netflix, watch trailer of Gravity on YouTube.

    Effect affects gray tones not black (as they completely off pixels).

    Gray tones are forcibly made black, and it looks dirty.

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