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  • Day 7: Tried multiple settings with Asphalt 9, CoD mobile and Mobile Legends, anti-aliasing off, x mode on and off. Low, mid, high and ultra settings (if applicable). No stuttering, issues, frame drops or heating issues. Exact same as what it is on A9. Sorry I don't have a Bluetooth headset on hand but I tried using a Bluetooth speaker and there were no issues, audio while playing minimized and opened spotify and youtube and switched around.

    That's one week folks! To recap the only issues I got were chrome freezing for a couple of seconds (one instance and never occurred again) and AudioWizard service crashing (fixed by clearing data on the app and service together with a restart).

    Pros: Snappier UI, better battery, thermal and ram management and of course the perks of A10 and the updated security patches.

    For anyone that received the FOTA and are contemplating whether to proceed with the update or not my advice is go for it. The update is definitely worth it.

  • Agreed, very bizarre fps lock but all is well on the game now, it was probably doing some initial optimization. In any case the update was definitely worth it, thank you for all your hard work!

  • Thankyou so much... And if possible pls keep posted whatever negative or positive u find .... Even if it is not in daily basis...

  • I will, I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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    After trying many combinations I think i got the root of problem....

    Whenever i use power amp which is using hi res playback and not audio wizard and then i switch to the media player which uses audio wizard (in this case it is more specific in Google Play music) sound goes blank even for speakers for every player player which uses audio wizard... Because hi res doesn't support for speakers so power amp also doesn't make sound.... Only call volume in sound setting fire make sound... Because i believe that call volume sound doesn't uses audio wizard service..

    Strangely this doesn't happens with wired earphones....

    Another thing... When i disconnect the bt and change bt audio codec in developer settings and play in speaker and then in bt device(after reconnecting) sound comes back....

    I tried to find more in web and explored... So i found Bt device sound loss is also a famous problem of Android 10 in many other Nokia and pixel devices.... For which they do disable bt a2dp hardware setting... Which isn't present in our rog 2 developer settings...

  • We have recognized the issue and it will be fixed in a future FOTA. Thank you for your help!

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