FPS Drop Crazily After Android 10 Stable Update

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Just a couple ago , I updated my Rog 2 phone Android via Fota . And decide to play Pubg Mobile . The only apps that this phone have only Pubg Mobile . Just using Rog for gaming . But unfortunately , I got this problem which make my screen stutter and make me killed many times in the games .

My armoury crate setting was CPU default 2.9ghz. display refresh rate was 60hz . X mode on . Try other setting also got no different . Is there any way safe I can't boot to Android 9 back ?


  • This is my video sample . The fps sometime do get 0fps .

  • First try to just reinstall the game. If that doesn't help, then go to system settings -> battery -> powermaster -> auto-start manager and prevent all the apps to auto start that you don't need a notification from.

    After this go to system settings -> advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Memory cleaner -> Turn on Super Clean mode -> enter app list and uncheck any app that you must get notifications from -> go back -> open recent apps overview and press clear all.

    If that doesn't help then backup all your data and factory reset your phone. This should take care of those extreme lags. It's worth mentioning though that PUBG is not perfect. It has a lot of issues on all android devices.

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