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why is my frame rate drop rapidly,set at 90 but drop to 30,it happen at all games i play..anyone has thia kind of issue?


  • Me too . Dunno how to fix this . Hm doubting to myself why the hell i bought android phone ?

  • yeah,me too,i think maybe something wrong with the software,after update to android 10 i have this issue,first start with pubg,before update nothing wrong,after update start laggy,same with other game too..please look into this asus..

  • Please specify which game. Upload videos showing your issue

  • @Anders_ASUS pubg. The game has becom ever so choppy. Can't even play. Battery drain issues as well. Very less SOT and what not. Stuttering while changing apps. Worst ram management

  • Reinstall your game. Remove any design changes you might have done in display and developer mode. In mobile manager, press clean memory, after this you can set up super clean. Enable as many apps as possible for super clean. So now, every time you press "clear all" in recent apps overview, it will force close those apps.

    This will hopefully fix all your issues

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