Asus launcher need an upgrade

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I think the asus luncher is not all lighter it feel heavy opening nd closing the apps.specially when you open apps from folders it feels laggy compared to one plus launcher it's so stable that one plus 6 performance buttery doesn't matter you got sd 855 or 10 gb ram.launcher optimization is main factor and first impression on device.even though it is stock android it's not at all smooth.pixel launcher is way more stable i have also this device to pixel 2nd 3 and it's disappointing even it got sd 855 adreno 620 6 gb ram it lacks smoothness nd animation.


  • Yes it's true... They need to consider and improve

  • Yaa agree with you

  • no complain for me about the launcher, it's not the best launcher, but not bad either. what asus need to fix is their crapp twin app program, even cheap chinese phone have better dual app implementation

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