Time to improve portrait shots

prashanthprashanth Level 3
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Even while using the back cameras to the front to capture a pic in portrait mode the edge detection is still bad...it messes up almost everytime

We can understand for other phones but zenfone 6 shouldn't have problem with the hardware..software needa more work... it's almost close to a year and yet this issue isn't fixed


  • 不只人像拍攝,連選取一般拍攝關掉美膚功能,系統還是會自動處理皮膚色的部份,處理太過度了!!旁邊景像非常清楚,人確像畫粉底,分享照片常被朋友取笑為何修圖修這麼重,再不改善真想換手機了!!!

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