Missing Texts & Calls Far More Often Than Originally Thought

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Hi! So I have owned my Zenphone 6 since October and I've been missing texts AND calls basically non stop since then. Originally I thought it was because of airplane mode, poor signal, or no connection, but I was wrong. I have been missing nearly 30% of ALL text messages AND calls by my estimate, and probably far more than that based on what I didn't know about even when my phone has full signal and it's completely random. I have no way whatsoever of identifying when I'll miss one or not. Completely sporadic and no way of recreating the issue. I had no idea how often this was really happening...

I have tried doing a factory reset, changing texting apps, contacting my carrier to do a network reset, among so many other things... I'm at my wits end with this. I LOVE everything about this phone but if it can't do the one thing I really needed it for which is communication then I will be moving on from ASUS for now.

Thanks to all the mods for your help in the past. I really appreciate it, truly.


  • it will be help if you tell what firmware version your phone use

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    And which country and what mobile operator...

  • Build Number WW_17.1810.2002.137

    Android 10

    USA - Metro PCS

    Thanks for your suggestions. You're right that this info will help.

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    Basically TMobile. Same issue as me and others. I've provided logs and info but the response is that supposedly everything is working fine. I just missed a call a few days ago while at home (TMobile) with full signal. Phone never rang just a VM showed up.

    Only guess I have seen is that this is perhaps because they never provided volte and seem to have no intention to in the US. Mindboggling in 2020 but ?‍♂️


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    yup i'm on tmobile and have the same problems of delayed or missing text messages and missed voice calls. asus is blaming tmobile and tmobile will not help because this phone is not purchased from them so you're basically stuck. i haven't heard from anyone who has this phone on tmobile who doesn't have this problem so my advice is not to get this phone if you're on tmobile. other than that i have to say this phone has been working great for me but i am looking at another brand since i'm getting worried i may one day miss something important.

  • I have the same issue and have tried contacting support twice. They just end up telling me to do a factory reset. And when I ask how it will help, they can't give me a straight answer, then they say if it doesn't fix, I'll have to send my phone in for repair and it looks like this is just a known issue they have no intention of fixing, even though they say in their description of the phone that it is compatible with the network type associated with T-Mobile and some other providers. They need to fix this, what's the point of having a great camera if the basic phone doesn't work. I hate this and it's very unfair to pay good money for a phone that can't make it receive calls.... It's a brick with a camera. ?

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    i agree! what's weird is spam/scam calls don't seem to have a problem coming through lol!

  • I'm calling it. I worked in a support position and I think they probably have a known issue here that they are refusing to address.

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