Repost(As Asus did not post my discussion)My experience with asus rog 2!!

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I put my precious bucks to buy Asus Rog2 so that i can get a device which is great in gaming as well as from software aspects but its not up to the mark even my cheaper one plus device os is better .Here are the few problem which i mentioned again.

*DURING scrolling long contents on a web page in chrome the device hangs when scrolling down even at 120 hz(really shameful).

*CONTACT app is not optimized, whenever i search a contact in contact app the searched contact appears in recent call logs

*RIGHT AIR TRIGGER is not responsive like left one which creates trouble during gaming.

*No proper support of OS update and security updates for indian varriants(They think we are not worth of getting updates or its a fault of their lazy software optimizing team)

*NO option to disable" rotation tap button" which appears at right bittom corner whenever you tilt your screen little bit.

*No specific community app

*TYPING KEYPAD touch is not so responsive

*3 finger screen shoot feature is not available ?

*Screen turns off during watching videos (When adds come in between)

*Very ugly AOD wallpapers,please provide some good wallpapers team asus.

*During taking photos in dark,the flash do not work propery.(Please put some effective algorithm to enhance photos in dark with flash)

There are few other bugs and missing features which i want to mention but due to lack of time i will mention them in my another discussion


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