Asus update service and os sucks,also there are many problems which iam facing?

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I bought an asus rog 2 by spending my hard cash so that i can get a device which is better in most of the aspects but iam feeling sad now because i think it's a worthless buggy device even my cheaper one plus device works better then this..Here are some negative points/problem of asus rog 2

*OS is full of bugs

*DURING scrolling long content on a page in chrome this device hangs while scrolling down on the other hand my other devices performs this type of task very smoothly

*During searching a contact in contacts app it shows names from recent call log which creates a lot of problems,Contact app need to more specific and customised.

*ASUS software updates (event security updates)are not available from a very long time, update service is very poor

*No option to disable rotation button which appears at the bottom whenever u tilt ur screen little bit in any direction, it really creates problem

*Right side trigger sensitivity is not like Left side air trigger sensitivity.Its low and create problems several times..

*No option for 3 finger screen shot gesture.

*No specific community app.

These are the major problem beside this there are many other problems.I did not buy this bulky n costly device just to face these stupid problems.Do something Rog team before it's too late.


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    But what I didn't say in that thread is that it sounds like you want ZenUi to be exactly like OxygenOS. If you want OxygenOS then I suggest you buy a phone that has that OS. ZenUI 7 might get some of the features you're asking for but I don't agree with all the request you had so if you want OxygenOS, well, then ASUS phones are not for you.

    Bugs on the other hand will ofc always get fixed

  • Sorry i think i triggered you..But here iam not asking you to imply zen os or any other os on asus rog os.I just ask you to add only very two basic options, i don't know who you are and what is ur designation in asus ?but from ur reply you sound very unprofessional and rude ..Bytway m using op7t n s10 trust me from point of gaming other device can't compete it but their os is highly optimised..

  • (3 mentioned issue is resolved)Now coming on youMr....Sorry i triggered you,I only requested for two very basic features you should add and i only mention what problems iam facing in my device..The way you replied shows how much you are professional and for your kind information iam using both op7t and rog.I agree that from specs op can't compete with this beast but buddy you people have to work very hard to optimize you os.And you are no one to tell me what's for me n not for me..☺️☺️

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    It's not my fault that i reposted this discussion again, because at that time zentalk haven't posted it , iam also seeing it here for the first time.

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