Bugs/Improvements for latest ROG Phone 2 beta 17.0230.2001.11_0

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I've been a beta user since the beta started. There are quality updates but many improvements can be made to ZenUI which I'll mention here -

  1. Icon Packs - First is the inclusion of icon packs support. ZenUI supports it by I don't understand why it was removed for ROG. It should be there as most people use zenui launcher because of gesture implementations in A10.
  2. Lockscreen Fingerprint icon/transition - While most OEMs allow changing to different styles of indisplay FP unlock icons, ZenUI has only one which cant be obviously changed. This is a feature request to please implement more styles.
  3. Better AOD - The current Always-on-display is barebones and just functional. There are 3 styles to choose from of which none of them have any customization. And the panel itself is very plain. It doesn't show notifications, just call and message count is shown with the battery. Another problem with AOD is that it co-exists with the Ambient display. So when you do get any notification, you get the normal ambient display notification, which is static i.e. you cant act on it. You can just tap on the power button to see the lock screen, which shouldnt be the case. So this is a request to add a better and a more robust implementation of AOD, similar to the likes of MIUI and other OEMs.
  4. The dialer problem - The dialer although is a good native app, feels unnecessary to use over Google dialer. While Messages uses the Google app, why does ZenUI use its own dialer? But the problem is bigger. If you get a call when your device is locked, you simply cant dismiss it. You have to act on it to get it dismissed. But ideally, you should still be able to unlock the device and the incoming call should go to the notification tray.
  5. Better theme integration - Although this is a personal opinion, as Google has started to implement a theme engine with accent colours and fonts, it only seems reasonable to have that implementation. And another solution can be to integrate an Accent picker right inside the device settings, rather than forcing users to install themes.
  6. Random soft reboots - The device still gets random soft reboots while using.
  7. Battery drain - Many users including me have been facing battery drains on the latest beta

ZenUI although is a nice UI with its stock like implementation, it needs a lot of polish in areas like these.


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    So this is beta 10? I've got the link from another forum and installed it on my ROG, one thing that i notice about is vibration motor was not strong as beta9/stable, more weak on this beta. I wanna be beta tester but too bad the registration was closed ?

  • I have already gave these feedback but people start criticizing me for negative

    But it was just feedback but don't know why people get offended ☹️?

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    Just ignore it bro, we tried to make zenui grow, whatever about the other.

    1. ROGUI focus was on theming compared to the ZenUI in ZenFone 6 but they are both in general the same OS so even though the Icon Pack option is missing, you're still able to change icons with 3rd party apps.
    2. We're already discussing this
    3. We're already discussing this
    4. We're already discussing this
    5. We're already discussing this
    6. What do you mean about soft reboot?
    7. This was probably due to the facebook app which still had an issue when you wrote that post
  • Hi

    Thank you for taking the time to go through all the points I mentioned

    1. Regarding the icon packs, Very few icon pack apps actually support ZenUI via their own applier. So it's always best to have the implementation in the launcher so that any and every icon pack can be easily applied.

    And even if RogUI focuses on theming more, it's always a better choice to have the control in the user's hands and not restrict them to the specific icon finish of the ROG theme, like how ZenUI does :)

    6) The soft reboot is not been happening since the last update so that's a good thing. SystemUI would randomly restart previously.

    7) Yes I'm testing the battery and it seems its fixed now,

    For all the other points, it's great that the team is discussing all this.

    While ZenUI is a nice implementation, it just needs the polishing and fine tuning.

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