Asus Rog phone 2 Android 10 issues

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There are a lot of things that changed my phone's experience after the A10 update.

1. The phone now overheats while charging using the 30 Watt adapter as well as 18 Watt adapter.

2. Gaming performance reduced a lot specifically Pubg where frame drops and desync is now. Becoming a normal behaviour, checked the wifi and it's stable. The phone overheats while keeping the graphic settings to High, anti- aliasing also was disabled.

3. Ran Geekbench score after updating to A10 and see my score, you will be shocked and it even lists below One plus 6.

I am reporting these issues within not even a week of upgrade but this is important to report as this phone is still with a lot of bugs after updating to Android 10



  • Other having bugs solved doing factory reset. I susgest doing the same. I know it's a pain in the ass reconfiguring everything, but, sometimes it's the best solution.

  • I rolled it back to 9 and came back to 10 again. My system is back as New and these stats are after resetting my phone

  • Thank god I haven't received the update yet!

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    Didn't work for me, games still don't performed as well as in A9. Maybe because the game developers not optimize the games yet for A10?

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    I have also updated my phone to A10. Not much of a gamer but facing issue with call quality and apps crashing.

    Also have noticed the phone some time freezes. Scrolling is also not as smooth as in A9.

    + Facing issue with call quality/ear piece.

    On one hand they have delayed the update and the update itself is buggy.

    We need one more update to update the last update.

    Mine was a a manual update from the website and not OTA.

  • With all above mentioned issue I also want to add a most important issue which is battery.. Battery back up is now cut down to almost half even on stand by mode battery drain like screen is on. When I was on a9 my battery is left with 40-50% battery which is now only left with 15-17 percent with the same usage and actually with less usage

  • Gaming is very well disturbed after the update. And there are lots of glitches and frame drops. These should be fixed,otherwise I should look for new mobile..

  • Don't really have any issues besides the ds4 latency

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    I resolved by uninstalling Facebook and Messenger 3 days ago. I reinstalled them only today and I'm still fine so maybe they have updated the apps.

  • Woah, thats insane dude, i thought only asus 6z are not performing well on A10, but here even ROG 2 is on the same line as 6z users wtf,

  • My phone malfunctioned in an altogether different way post upgrading it to Android 10. I have the Asus professional dock and it started to get disconnected on its own after say 2-5 min of ethernet connectivity.

    I downgraded it to .33 WW version, didn't get resolved.

    Tried latest Android 9 rollback version provided on the top of the download list on Asus Website, didn't work.

    Now I have submitted my phone to the service centre, it's been 4-5 days, and they are still trying to understand the issue.

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    Gaming performance decreased by updating android 10 game freezes many times over heating so many things PlZ fix them (rog 2)

  • How to overcome with these A10 issues

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    After updated to android 10 My Asus rog phone 2 sucks out battery and gaming center phone is no more, causes freeze and crash while gaming and it even exit automatically it's so annoying while playing rank matches especially in call of duty mobile... I hate it

  • I just used the official downgrade package and installed android 9. Honestly, android 10 is really bad!

    1. I tested the antutu benchmark it was around 4 lakhs. That's it! Not even 4.1 lakhs! Which is very very low compared to the original score of 5 lakhs!
    2. Animations are a bit smooth not gonna lie, but then there is this heating issue! Even in normal day to day usage phone heats jussst a little bit! But in android 9 its cold af!
    3. And obviously sot is not that great either, I noticed that while playing pubg and asphalt 9!

    I just got frustrated and reinstalled android 9. And when I tested again, guess what, antutu score is 4.9 lakhs! Around 5 lakhs which is amazing! My beast is back!

    To all the gamers out there, install android 9 from the official firmware page of asus if you want that godly performance back! Otherwise if you want some good features of android 10 but with a bit of a downside then enjoy! Your choice!

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    This is the Antutu benchmark (android 9 vs android 10) results on Rog Phone II 8/128, Room/Ambient Temperature: 26°C, Phone Surface Temperature: 34°C (Measured with infrared thermometer)

    I also have no fps stuttering issues, call quality is great, also no battery draining issues or overheating issues in daily usage

  • It seems that Asus isn't just the gamers phone it has promised to be. iPhone will always be the top no matther what. I'm selling this phone.

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    Here is my test for comparison. To me it looks pretty good. This is on A10. I didn't do it on A9. Global 12/512 version.

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    After updating to android 10 even the lesser GPU demanding games are lagging like crazy. I even tried factory resetting my phone but the phone is still lagging. I have the 12/512 GB variant btw.

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    Has anyone found a fix on the overheating issue while charging? It didn't help when downgrading to A9.

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