Should i update manually to A10 or wait for OTA ?

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I see alot of Rog2 users claiming to have A10 after updating manually read about some bugs now asking if it just better to wait for OTA from ASUS official.


  • I updated manually and I had no bugs at all. But other had (diferent) bugs and solve most of them doing a factory reset.

    But, it's up to you to decide to wait or go ahead with manual update. I went ahead and, hopefully, everything went fine.

  • How do i safetly update to A10 in the USA?

  • Downloaded the file but always has error message that update failed. My system is global version and file name "UL-ASUS_I001_1-ASUS-17.0210.2001.60-1.1.97-user".

    Dont know why but have to wait for FOTA :(

  • I've used brazilian site to download update. Everything went fine. I don't know if there's any difference between USA e Brazil files, but I suggest you to try same file I used and worked.

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