ROG Phone 2 heating issue



  • I had similar problems but I think that I found the solution. Take a look at my Post:

  • Hi,my name is Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia. I just solved this exact same issue by turning off all app supervisions and operation restrictions. My thoughts were like; if the cpu is burning it's self to prevent apps from working this must be the culprit. Because it's doing that instead of the apps.

    Before I reached this conclusion I kept watching my cpu temps in armoury crate and try to figure out, why the cpu is pinned to max frequency!?

    Cpu temp between 55~61c°

    Gpu temp between 47~51c°

    System temp between 37~42c° it was so hot 🔥

    I tried the following until I figured it out..

    1- I took off the phone case.

    Result: No improvement..

    2- I tried restarting the phone.

    Result: It improved for 5 seconds then pinned the cpu to max frequency again.

    3- I switched on every measure to kill apps and clean the memory. I did it manually one app at the time too..

    Result: Only to see the highest temps. This result made me start questioning the reliability of those app detection and restriction measures.

    4- I uninstalled so many games and apps.

    Result: No improvement.

    5- I opened the device myself to see if there is anything inside going bad.

    Result: This step didn't help.

    6- Loosening restrictions on apps.

    Results: Temps went down to;

    CPU 44c°

    GPU 43c°

    System 34c°

    Ambient temperature is around 25c° not sure though. I'm just guessing.

    I hope this helps. Have a great one.

  • Switch off: Opti-flex

    Switch off: Detection of Battery draining Apps

    Switch off any similar gimmicks.

  • Currently at the time of writing this.

    I think the system was doing too much to prevent apps from working.

  • its hppng after d new update i m facing exactlyy d same issue

    hope asus will release a new update rectifying heating n battery draining issue

  • Update out next week to fix this bug. Just waiting on CTS

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