Tips for sanitizing your phone?

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Times have occurred where I'd like to show my friend a phone or someone had to borrow it to make a phone call, but in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic and 2019/2020 seasonal flu, I'm not only more hesitant, but I'd like to be able to sanitize my phone safely without destroying any of the coatings on the screen, back, or camera.

@asus do you have any tips or suggestions for sanitizing our Zenfone 6's without the risk of harming the device or coatings?


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    Wash your hands, take a wet tissue, clean your phone and with an hydroalcoholic gel.

    Can the virus persist in the environment? And if so, for how long?

    In view of the available data, the survival of coronaviruses in the outdoor environment is only a few hours on dry inert surfaces. Standard hygiene measures (hand washing, surface cleaning) are effective.

    — Pasteur Institute

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    Isn't alcohol harsh on your phone? It's corrosive.

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    edited April 2020 has U.S. specific stats.

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    Here is a dedicated post made by Asus

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