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Hey what's with AI boost feature? How does it work? Help


  • It depends. In theory it's supposed to increase performance, especially in benchmarks. The reality is that in many cases the difference is not very noticable or -in my case- using 3D scenes with AI boost crashes the app or phone.

  • I wouldn't mind it if AI boost was the only thing capable of doing that. If more custom kernels will have this optimization included it may become a dead end to unofficial ROMs to me.

  • See I'm debating on leaving it on or off only because I don't know if it'll affect battery life in any significant way

  • for my case, i used too turn on the AI boost, but i dont know why i felt my phone are getting hot faster , especially when playing games , and after the hot , the lag and fps drop , i know app will be lag and fps drop will come if the phone are getting too hot, but with the AI boost, it was just worst. after that day , never turn on the AI Boost again

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    I've been investigating AI Boost and my crashes and I've got interesting results.

    1) AI boost seems to work by enabling 810 MHz on GPU while running certain apps. Phone gets faster but also heats faster so the throttling kicks in. With AI boost disabled, phone reaches 585 MHz clock.

    2) Considering published kernel source many unofficial devs seem to implement 810MHz frequency on their kernels as just another step.

    3) My phone crashes on AI boost enabled and on intense gaming on custom kernels so it seems my gpu can't stand 810MHz GPU clock at current voltage table.

    4) Disabling 810MHz fixes mentioned issue.

    Hence my request to kernel devs - could you reduce top frequency a bit? It doesn't seem to bring much performance-wise and this way the firmware would be more stable for users like me with lower quality GPU units.

    I'll let myself call @Anders_ASUS and @CH_ASUS and also @ColorSage myself because why not ;)

  • Another quick note - Adreno 640 in Snapdragon 855 is rated by Qcom at 585MHz which means this is the value that chip manufacturer will quality check on. Higher values are pure OC on Asus' side which seems to be too much for some units (a friend of mine with Zenfone 6 has similar crashing problem).

  • Even zenfone 5Z with AI boost ON gives lags and sometimes freezes the game totally snapdragon 845 have to restart on smooth and extreme graphics while on balanced or hd or hdr has FPS drops. And multi touch is still causing stutters since android 8 to A10 its been long way and still issues persist? while higher graphics and frame rate never had issues on android 8 n 9 but A10 its Pathetic with battery as well as performance ?

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS plz ask concern team to look into @[email protected] @ValeeraSanguinar @Bruno

  • Where does it say that AI boost increases GPU speed to 810Mhz?

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    Regarding to point number 1. Our SD 855 become SD 855+ ? because SnapDragon 855+ basically just SD 855 with GPU clock boost to 7xx or 8xx Mhz


  • I am not sure, it was just my speculation because there were 2 scenarios with exactly same result. It might be a coincidence though. In this case, i am not sure what could bring such instability with AI boost enabled.

  • What game crashes for you and how long does it take?

  • I've tested Antutu Benchmark, some other kinds of GPU bencharks, Asphalt 9 and Mortal Kombat X. Basically every 3d-intensive application. Exact moment of crashing is varying but usually I can see some weird screen stuttering since the beginning of a 3D scene and after 10 seconds or so the app crashes.

  • Sorry, I forgot about this thread. If a factory reset won't fix the above issue, then you need to send it for repair. Maybe you have already?

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    for me all ai boost does is drain battery faster and warms up the phone lol. i'm not a huge gamer but i play a few games but they aren't graphic or cpu intensive. i've had ai boost on and the only difference i notice is the phone gets warmer and battery drains faster. i don't see any difference in speed or performance. i also noticed that the phone stays warm and battery continues to drain fast even after turning off ai boost and i'm not sure why. but after about a day or two with ai boost off, the phone and battery returns to normal. i recommend leaving it off if you dont really need it.

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    i think this phone don't need ai boost at this time since the performance still beast to current heavy games and apps.(unless u play call of duty modern warfare 3 on dolphin emu like me, yea its a lil bit lagging because it is not optimized yet and want to try turn on ai boost)

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    Yet, after all this talking, we still don't have an answer to the question. What is AI Boost supposed to do? I didn't notice a difference on Zenfone 5z and neither on my new Zenfone 6.

    There was indeed a difference (at least in benchmarks) on Android 9 on Zenfone 5z, but ever since that one is on Android 10, there are no noticeable differences, from what I've noticed.

    Could someone from Asus explain what the "boost" is all about? Does it boost CPU and GPU mhz? If it does, then by how much?

    Would like to learn about it more than "It boosts your phone".

    Thank you.

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