Fast Charging Issue !!

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Ever since the update my phone takes around 6 or 7 hours to fully charge. Thought it was the cable and bought a new ausmo fast charging cable still the issue remains. Now my option is to charge from the power bank which supports fast charging.



  • Which update slowed down fast charging?

    Can you test with an alternate cable?

    If the problem remains with the alternate cable, we can log the phone to see what's going on.

  • heyokaheyoka Level 3
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    I have since today the same pb....

  • heyokaheyoka Level 3
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    Update this morning 137 but this pb happened sometimes before

    Tried with another fast charger with another cable, strictly the same

    One hour of charge: 20 to 45 percent

    Now it says 2 hours before end

  • Facing the same issue, after the update .133, adapter and cable are super fine, Please fix it

  • Two updates prior to the latest .137 slowed fast charging - at times would work and at times wouldn't. Now it wouldn't fast charge despite buying a new fast charging Ausmo data cable.

  • Ok, so just to make sure. When you're charging your phone, is it hot, or is it very hot in your environment? Do you see the two plus signs above the battery when charging?

    Have all of you tested with more than one cable (preferably a new one) to rule out that the original one might be broken.

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    No matter the cable or charger, my environment is 20degrees, the phone goes to 45degrees while in charge since a few moment

  • Which temp goes up to 45 Celcius? CPU, battery? Were you using your phone during charging? What did you do right before you started charging?

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    It's battery temp (status bar app) but 45 is max I saw in charge it's often around 40 I think it's normal

    And between 31 and 37 while not in charge

  • heyokaheyoka Level 3

    I don't use phone while in charge

  • I'd say it's not too hot. If it reaches 50, then the charging will slow down.

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    Ok 45 is the max I saw its often around 40 to 45 in charge

    And when I touch the phone it's not hot

    My precedent phone (Nokia 6.1plus) which had battery temps around 50 (even when not in charge!!!) was very hot when touching it

    (Mobile data is not working anymore on it now! Just wi-fi, I think hot temps have destroyed it)

    So I am serene with my zenfone6?

  • Utiliza un cargador que tenga carga rápida quito charge 3.0 con 18w mínimo y 2 amorreos y verás como te funciona, a mí me tarda en cargar 1 hora y 35 minutos

  • Utiliza un cargador de carga rápida quitk charge 3.0 18w mínimo y 2 ampereos mínimo y el cable que tenga soporte carga rápida y 2 ampereos tambien

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    The is charging fine as it should be after I bought new charger and adaptor, but the phone acts up weird as in when on charging mode it makes sound of attaching cables. No heating isuue whatsoever. I would appreciate if you relay on to developers to push quality updates with bug fixes and all details in the description. I have seen OTA without any description which makes no sense to update.


  • New ASUS charger or 3rd party? It shouldn't make sounds like that. If you want, we could log your device and when you hear this sound, please note the time and generate a log that we can have a look at

  • Yes by a brand called 'Ausmo' both Adaptor and cable. And how do I generate this log?

  • Post the latest update, my phone is getting heat up more and fast charging is not happening. In my normal usage as well the battery is draining fast. I checked all the background pps but it's normal and not much of the memory is been used. Help me with the solution. I think there is some issues with the latest update.

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    I have original charger, original cable, the latest firmware 137, my ZF6 is over 9 months old and I have no problem with ++ charging at all. So it is not issue with the latest update, it is an issue just for some users. I do not know why.

  • Keep on parroting. I see you offer no real help other than post rubbish stuff.

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