Camera tries rotation on flat surface after .133 update

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I found a bug introduced in 133 FW causing the camera to initialize rotation regardless of phone's position. Intended behaviour was to block camera when the phone lies on the flat surface or proximity sensor is triggered. While the latter's working fine, my phone tries rotation laying on a desk and it can be a bit irritating. It was not a thing before.


  • I think I understand what situation you're describing, but can you take a photo or video from a 2nd device just to be sure?

    Is it doing this when the camera is activated or whenever you place it on a table?

  • We have protection built in into certain apps but maybe you experienced this in an app which we haven't optimized?

  • ColorSageColorSage Level 3
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    I have this problem on Snapchat and face unlock and I didn't notice it in previous builds. When I'll have something to record with then can provide some recording.

    Edit1: Reboot fixed face unlock rotation while issue on Snapchat requesting front-facing camera persists.

  • With snapchat, we don't know what would be a good solution. If we should refuses it to flip up the first time, then someone will complain about that and a delay is also not a good solution. The best solution for you is to remember to exit the app when the camera has been flipped back. The app will remember this.

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