How are Asus getting away with such woeful customer care?

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There are numerous threads in here and countless others on the wider internet about the ropey motherboards on these phones. Asus' response seems to be to shrug and pretend it's not happening or, at least, that's it's not as big an issue as it clearly is.

I am on my 2nd Zenfone 6 and they've both been struck with this issue. What are the chances of this happening if there's no large underlying issue with these phones?

I've been back to the seller, it took them 2 months but they replaced my original handset and now, unsurprisingly, when I've told them this one is knacked as well, they don't want to know. I've been to Asus and my repair claim was rejected. I feel my only recourse at the moment is to either put in a claim with Paypal and hope they will refund me or to beg for spare parts on these forums like other victims of Asus.

I'm not too sure whether it's Asus as a whole or just the phone wing of the company that act like cowboys but I'm certainly not in a hurry to ever buy one of their products again.


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    I also have the same doubt asus is no.1 in laptop and making motherboards for PC's but I can't digest even now how this phone suffered cause i am also one who got affected. many of my friend's use ROG laptops which are beast's. I think some batches of units got this problem. As a fan of asus still i don't say i not gonna buy asus phones but as they are developing with this phone as their success let's hope future phones will be good. Don't lose hope?

  • It's understandable and forgivable that companies release faulty batches of products sometimes but it's totally unacceptable to just pretend it's not happening and leave customers out of pocket.

    I've bought Asus products in the past and they're well respected but it seems that buying their goods is a gamble. If you end up choosing a janky, under tested piece of crap, they won't hold their hands up and say, 'sorry, let us sort it out for you', they'll just ignore thousands of people and hope they go away.

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    It's time for you guys to use your legal remedies... I for one don't have any issue with my handset but I am going to stay away from Asus in the future....

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    Which country do you live in, and who is the seller if I may ask?

  • In the UK. The seller is in Singapore. Asus are hiding behind the fact that, because I bought it outside the country, I don't have any rights. These phones are not sold in the UK so basically it's impossible to both live in the UK and get any support from Asus.

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    You can get support as in advice on how to solve software issue or whatever help you might need that do not include hardware. For hardware, you need to contact the point of purchase or ASUS in the country of your origin (in this case it sounds like ASUS singapore) They will however not pay for shipping outside of singapore.

    I hope this is understandable to you since we have never claimed to offer WorldWide warranty. If this was important to you, then you should have picked a brand that does.

  • It's not understandable, no.

    If this was a one off then I could understand it but it's clear that these phones have been launched with defective hardware and each time there's a patch and more of them break it becomes more apparent.

    Shame on Asus for hiding behind outdated international trading laws and shame on you for trotting out company lines.

  • Not even pixel phones have international warrenty,i read their warrenty t&c service is only in country of purchase

    As far as i know no brand offers it

    You should have been careful before buying the phone that isn't released in your country yet

    But yes it would be helpful if it was international but cant blame a single brand

  • Yep, in hindsight i should have stuck with one of the uninspiring popular UK brands as Asus' attitude is basically, 'if you live in the UK, buy our goods at your own risk'

    Well fine. I won't... ever again and I'll take every opportunity to remind anyone here that Asus offer zero customer support to the UK market.

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