Phone lagging a lot after recent update

Akshay42Akshay42 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

After the recent update the phone is lagging like crazy. My dad's Redmi 7A performs better than this phone.

Yesterday while celebrating holi I tried to open the camera and after clicking a picture was sent back to lock screen and photo was not taken. Solution restart.

Today before posting this, I was using my phone to surf web on Opera and it froze and I had to do a force restart.

Is there any stable update which lets us use basic functionality of our phones?

A Snapdragon 855 Phone freezing while using basic android apps(no games) seems like a joke and made me put a pause on my plans to buy laptops and other products from asus as I have used windows Phone in the past and am never used to seeing such lags anywhere.


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