How to downgrade from Android 10 Beta to Android 9 stable?

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Hello Team,

I have seen all the posts and even android 10 Beta recruitment posts. So being a android developer and a beta tester for other brands too, i am shocked that there is no official guide from asus admins or mods which shows the users to how to downgrade back to android 9 stable from Android 10 beta. This should be the first thing which should be there in the forum's after you release the first beta.

I would request the asus team and mods or admins here to post a proper step by step guide regarding the same.


  • Ya right actually i am in android 10 beta 9 and i don't know how to install android 10 stable.. ☹️

  • I'm on A10 stable with WW handset, and want to go back to Android 9 as they have stuffed something with the 4G+ baseband..

    Is there a tutorial to roll back??

  • I will check with our devs about this and get back to you

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