Where is the in-depth patch notes for your a10 official release?

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Coming from android 9, we would like to ask for the patch notes/changelog please. This is of great help since the notes from the a10 is too brief.


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    Check the below screenshot.

  • Yes, as Ive said that is the "brief" patch notes. I was wondering if we can get the in depth list of changes as this update gave us no major changes which is kind of disappointing for me as people waited for months for the release and it came out still unpolished despite the long wait. Armoury crate update was only the aura lighting? And I thought we were flagship.

    Point two: why was the stable version released same as the version number for beta 9? I think that was a lazy move. Other users even reported safetynet fail checks.

  • Beta 9 was a release candidate and same happened with zf6 / 5z as well. CTS passed in the build you can check

  • The full indepth release notes are cryptic. Written by engineers. Even I don't understand them.

    What major changes did you expect? We never said that we would re-invent Android 10 and make it something else.

    Beta 9 and official version are the same. They don't just share the version name. They are identical in every way but the beta was named beta because it was released prior to launch.

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