Latest firmware's (and some old) bug on 5Z

BrunoF20BrunoF20 Level 3
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[.46 FW] The battery led doesn't change to green when fully charged if the phone is charging while turned off.

[Android 10] Battery drain is two times worse than the first Android 10 Stable, and ten times worse than Android 9.

[.46 FW] The volume controls under setting are glitching.

[Android 10] All the system is stuttering like an Xiaomi's intermediate device.

[All Android version since the device's launch] The touch panel is presenting a low DPI mouse behavior, getting worse while more fingers are touching at the same time. It causes the impossibility of having a flagship gaming experience, like it's better to play on ZenFone 5 than in 5Z (and it's really is, there's a video proof by JonathanSR).

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