What do you expect on ROG PHONE 3?

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What do you guys expect to have on ROG PHONE 3?

I'll say my part 1st.

-No more fingerprint magnet back glass

-improve screen colour accuracy

-screen protector included(film type at least)

-Earphone or earbuds included(wire type)

-better protective lightning case(sold separate). Rog phone 2 lightning case is not good in protecting the phone. Side needs to be cover. Lightning case must be usable with Aeroactive cooler

-better camera

-2k(amoled) screen with atleast 144hertz display cause Black Shark 3 is supporting 2k and hope ROG PHONE won't lose to that.

Hope will have these

- 4 tiers:

Cheapest model: comes with Aeroactive cooler

Mid model: comes with Aeroactive cooler,aero case

Expensive model: comes with Aeroactive cooler,aero case,kunai

Luggage bag model: comes with Aeroactive cooler,lightning case,kunai,dual screen,desktop

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