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Is there any posibility in Zenfone 6 to take a picture which is whole sharpened, I mean both, first and second plan. When I take a photo, there are only two options, either a first plan is sharpened, and the second plan is not, or vice versa. It makes me crazy, when I want to have a picture with me and the background of really good quality, but it seems to be unpossible. For me, now, the camera is useless.


  • I think that is the nature of the IMX586 sensor. Can't really change it.

  • It's how optics work. Not just sensor. Your eye does the same thing

  • In my last phone, Motorola Moto X Style, which camera is really good,  it doesn't work like ColorSage wrote. I've bought this smartphone especially for selfies for my wife, but she is really disappointed. If there is no solution, I will just return it, and look for something else.

  • Moto X Style had fixed focus front-facing camera which indeed acts differently than AF back cameras; however it has some problems with overall sharpness. You won't get the same results here.

  • But in Moto X Style, back camera gets much better pictures, then Asus, concerning sharpness of the whole picture, first and second plan.

  • The quality of Zenfone 6's camera is a broad topic in general. Many users believe it got worse over time (unlisted updates) and I'm not sure who's right. If cleaning the camera's glass doesn't help it won't probably get much better anytime soon.

  • I am not a specialist in this topic, but if there is possible to either sharpen first or second plan, why not the whole picture? Crazy.

  • You cannot sharpen the focus on all the planes(not sure of the exact term) in a frame. Your old phone might have had sharper images on both the planes by not focusing much on both of them. The result would be an average picture quality but with focus on all the objects in the frame. You might have gotten used to it.

    But, Zenfone 6 sensor has a shallow depth of field which focuses on one plane at a time and gives crisp and sharp details on the objects in that plane. This would result in a slightly blurry background. I believe this is common in DSLRs.

    If you still want to avoid this shallow depth of field effect, you could try using the wide angle lens in the Zenfone6. It might be a better choice for your requirement.

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    Read about bokeh:

    In other words, the effect that our camera does well and for which it is highly praised by most users does not suit your family.

  • You want a phone camera that uses a lens with infinite focus like our wide view camera. You will notice that the wide view camera focuses everywhere. Why is the main camera not doing the same? Simply because a majority of users like the bokeh effect more. It give photos more life. Your eyes know where to focus which makes these picture much more pleasant to look at.

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