4G issue on Beta 10

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I'm having a 4G speed issue with my WW ROG 2 on latest Beta.. If I switch to Airplane mode, then re-enable data, running speedtest straight after i get 220-240mb/s downloads.. After about 5 min and I run the test again (same servers, same location) i seem to get capped at 110-115mb/s.. If I repeat the same thing, the same thing happens.. Its as if the carrier is capping my downloads, or something in the ROG 2 is capping the downloads - maybe its slowing down to ensure a quality connection?? I don't know but its annoying!

I put my sim card in my wife's samsung phone and run the Speedtest in the same location, same servers, she hits around 170mb/s all the time - so i cant see my carrier is capping my downloads, therefore it has to be ROG 2 issue..

This never happened on Android 9 (WW firmware 64) btw. I actually had even higher speeds on Android 9 (off peak times it was hitting 280mb/s constantly..

Should I do a full wipe of the phone and try again? Or is this Asus fcuking with the baseband or something else??

FYI, I am running very minimal apps - WW stock + FB + messenger + war robots and snapseed. Nothing else is on the phone (except for music in storage). It does the same thing in safe mode too BTW...

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