Charging problem in the asus ZenFone 5Z

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The charging problem in the asus zenfone 5Z was not solved in the security patch given by the asus on 2 march and the battery draining issue is already there another thing is that the phone don't clean the recent application even if the user gave a command for the task and also while charging the percentage of battery charge in the timespan of 30 min is 7-8% only so how your AI works while charging want to know about it

after the android 10 update the phones performance is getting worst day by day on what ground you people roll out the android 10 update for this phone


  • After .46 new update m facing battery degradation issue during gameplay if i try charging and keep playing battery percent remains stable to a number and after sometime it starts degrading but never keeps charging this issue i faced in pie earlier in few version but it got fixed after sometime and now again it is back with A10 ?

    As soon as i lock my device soon battery percent starts increasing but if again i start a gameplay battery keeps percents on same number i know charging is not recommended during gameplay but still this was never an issue earlier ?

    Charging habits became really worst after .46 also battery backup is still not that great comparing pie please asus work on it as soon as possible ?

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    And the charging led doesn't change to green (fully charged) if the phone is charging while turned off.

    Edit: The battery percentage seems like not real-time monitored in .46 too.

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    My asus zenfone 5z battery is discharging while being on charging the charging gets stuck on 81% and starts showing discharging battery it doesn't go above 81 it doesn't fully charge

  • Check if ur schedule charging is on at 80% this schedule charging feature reduces the charging speeds in order to protect battery life from getting degraded and also shows if ur charging habits are good and at times of schedule charging if u keep playing games by keeping phone on charge then percentage may get reduced due to heating n to keep stability of gaming performance GAMING ON CHARGE IS NOT RECOMMENEDED

    does ur battery percent get reduced for normal usage after 80% ?

  • Exactly same happening with me.... Charging degrades instead of increasing. This issue was aldredy addressed by one of the moderators that you should not game while you are charging else the charging will degrade only. They are unaware of the fact that there was a time when this was opposite. I mean the battery capacity increased while gaming.

    Don't know when they will fix things rather than saying you shouldn't do this/that.

    Do something ASUS.


  • Yeah i agree there was a time but after several months n years of usage of battery cycle changes lifespan changes so may be u did not face this issue earlier but according to usage for months lifespan of battery may have reduced and started to behave in that manner its understandable i guess

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