zenfone6 Phone Not boot starts

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Zenfone6 purchased in August 2019 has stopped running.

A few days before it stopped, a restart occurred at a strange timing.

It has been weird since the latest update from ASUS.

I live in Japan and cannot speak English well. The phone I purchased is like an overseas model and cannot receive support in Japan. I did a lot of research and couldn't find a way to get support in Japan.

How can I recover from this condition?


  • Your English is fine! I'm sorry to hear that your phone has been having issues.

    Unfortunately, if you purchased a model from a different country, you will need to get in touch with that country's Support for a warranty repair. However, that may be difficult because shipping a phone across international borders can be problematic depending on the country.

    Hopefully Support will be able to provide you with a resolution.

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