No word on HDR?

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Is no one annoyed on how the phone's camera has practically no HDR? Whenever you use the HDR auto or HDR++, the dynamic range is literally reduced to nothing. The images turn out so bland. There have been evident photos posted about this previously and the concerned people have kept silent.

I need a response on this one. Should we expect an fix or just make do without the basic HDR feature available in the lowest end phones?


  • I'm not sure about overall quality but HDR++ was waaay better on Pie and that's a fact. There was some info about camera software enhancements a few months ago but since official android 10 release there was nothing in that regard.

  • What's the most irritating is that these people are acting as if the problem doesn't exist at all

  • Well HDR is subjective. I admit that HDR++ might not act like you expect it to but it's not supposed to give a Super HDR image. I understand that this is what could be expected with two plus signs after HDR but it was not the intent of our camera team. Instead they wanted HDR++ to give more "pop" than the HDR mode (which is called HDR+ auto).

    I want you to take a picture using the HDR+ auto mode and at the same time, take a picture a phone of the lowest end and compare. Just make sure it says HDR+ in green on the screen before you snap the image. If the notification is not there, then it will just take a normal image.

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    In that case your devs made nice mistake as old HDR++ algorithm got much praise in reviews. Sadly it got rollbacked.

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