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While incoming call I attend a call it's silent but loud speaker I hear the voice of person

Wt issue sir its software or speaker issue

I reset a mobile also


  • If you factory reset the phone and are still unable to hear the callers voice through the receiver, I recommend contacting your local ASUS service center for a repair.

    In other cases this was a software issue, but the factory reset eliminates that possibility.

  • I factory reset a phone sir also

    But in loudspeaker and Bluetooth call I receive a voice what problem sir

  • We had a similar issue in the US with T-Mobile last year, but that was a much older firmware build. Verify that you are running Version WW-17.1810.2002.133.

    If you already are on that build, you'll need to visit a service center.

  • I am on 133 ok I go to service centre

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