ASUS ROG Phone 2 Wi-Fi Problems.

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My rog phone is about 1 month old and I am currently facing Wi-Fi problems since past few days.

The Wi-Fi connects but there is almost no speed from it being received. And yes I restarted my Wi-Fi as well as the phone many many times and also I checked the internet using one plus 7T and it was working fine.

It's really frustrating please someone help me


  • You forgot to say "and yes, I have also tried at my friends place and same issue there" so... have you tried?

    You may test system settings -> system -> reset options -> reset Wi-Fi, mobile & bluetooth

  • Yup did the friend option as well as the reset option. No change at all.

  • Following for the same issue

  • SwarajSwaraj Level 3

    last option perform hard reset (make sure u backup ur data before doing it)

    i performed hard reset after updating to a10 and then factory reset

    my phone is working fine now

    all those modem issues, airtrigger issues are gone

    even after hard reset if u still have problem with wifi then mod might send u log tool to log ur device

    also can u post the screenshot of your wifi settings?

    i just wanted to see your link speed

  • Sorry about the late reply, have you tried what Swaraj suggested?

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