Max Volume sounds lower than usual ( Level 15 ) - Decibel Test

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I would like to know your the decibels of your phone via the Audio Wizard play test music.

Mines sounds like its only level 10 and its weird.

I haven't done any decibel test for now.

But for testing via App I do recommend Sound Meter for testing and putting up the microphone of your other phone close to the Top Speaker and another test for the bottom one.

@Anders please help on this as it's another issue on the phone.

I've been playing Call of Duty at max volume with my co workers and they notice a big change on the sound level when we started to play.


  • That test would only work if we test with the same app and same phone. Wait until the A10 update. It will be released very soon and we've made a change to the volume control

  • @Anders_ASUS still sounds the same i've just updated to Android 10 using ASUS Updater cause OTA doesn't work.

    So basically it just becomes 30 volume options now instead of 15 which doesn't change the output and my sound is still too quite than usual.

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    What phones do you have at hand to test the speaker output with?

    It would be great if you can get your hands on a OnePlus 7 Pro, a Mi 9, a Pixel 4 or some older ASUS model. Then we need to agree on which app and media sound to use. Only then will we be able to compare and see if you really have lower sound or just remember it wrong.

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    Maybe there is a bug that deals with the volume output while playing or something?

    Speakers by themselves are very loud. It's the only phone I had since old Nokias from 15 years ago that I can hear the phone ringing in my bag on a noisy public street. And when in a meeting room I forget to lower the ringer and the phone rings, everybody is shaken. Also in my bedroom I don't use portable speaker any more. The phone sitting on the air cooler , so the back side is lifted from the ground, is just fine. So I believe it's a software issue.

  • @Anders_ASUS can you do a decibel test.

    If i remember it wrong then my family, my workmates and my friends are also wrong?

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    Output power is related to hardware, not software. You can change scale from 15 to 30, but max output in Watts will not change. Unless software was preventing speakers to run at their full power.

    Still this is very strange because my phone is very loud. So I believe you have some software issue.

  • I am also facing the same issue. Volume is quite low

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