Freezes in Pokémon Go after Android 10 update.

doublem101doublem101 Level 1
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So, i have this issue with Pokémon Go since i updated Zenfone 6 to Android 10 few months ago.

Pokémon Go is basically the only game i play, so i'm not sure if this happens in other games / apps but this is really annoying.

The issue is, sporadically is freezes for a fraction. It happens in many aspects of the game but is really evident and annoying in PvP. I have lost count how many times i probably lost battles because of it. I'll try to make a video showing it.

I keep hoping some updates fixes it, but so far none fixed it (didn't tried yet this last update). I didn't formated the phone after update to 10, which maybe can fix it but to be fair i'm struggling with time and patient to it with no assurante it will fix it.

Anyone here is having the same problem in Pokémon Go or at least on any other game after Android 10 update and did get it fixed?


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