Battery Drain & Heat After 17.1810.2002.133 Update - NEED FIX

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Have noticed excessive battery drain and phone emitting more heat than usual after 17.1810.2002.133 February update. Anyone else have this issue? Screen on time has suffered significantly and seems to drain quickly whether you are using the device or not. Need a fix ASAP.


  • On .129 battery was worse, but it's still draining.

  • Yeah this update made more fixes but on the battery side it still getting worse it's time for battery fix@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

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    After latest update, I am facing lots of trouble in camera . Lense is not working , wide angle option is not showing in photo mode,

    Colour full dots is appearing in video, night mode & Time-Lapsed mode.

    Portrait mode is not showing.

    In setting , camera resolution menu showing only 13 MP, 10 MP & 8 MP .

    Camera is unable to focus.

  • Looks like it's stuck in wide angle view and this is why you see only 13MP as highest resolution. I don't have any explanation for the but my suggestion is that you should clear the storage of your camera app. If that doesn't help, then full factory reset. If that doesn't help, then please contact your local ASUS support for a repair.

  • Looking all of this problem making me scare to update my zf6. Plus the answer for all of this problem always like this

    I aint paying my phone just to reset and factory reset my phone. This aint no cheap phone, yet the quality is like this, you better not selling this zf6 if the problem is unsolvable, i am not saying the phone must be perfect, but if any problem occur, factory reset is not the answer. Makes me regret changing my iphone 7 plus with this phone.

  • There's no need to worry. I can guarantee you that this won't happen to you. I always try not to suggest a factory reset if it can be avoided because I know how much work it is but in his case, where service is probably the only solution, factory reset is better if it shows that this is due to software and not hardware. But my bet is that this is a hardware issue that just happened to get triggered when the phone updated

  • You almost always recommend factory reset. Lagging after update? Factory reset or 3rd party app. Battery drain? Factory reset or 3rd party app etc. etc. Phone should work well after EVERY public update. If you have problems with deliver stable software, why not re-open beta testing? If you such love factory resets, please make it less harmful and give us a good backup method, but it shouldn't work that way. I haven't install any app for 4 months, and one update is better, one update is worse. I use my phone for calling, messaging and sometimes for taking pictures (since Android 10 quality is awful, but please don't recommend factory reset). I don't have root, I don't do any strange modifications of software, memory is used in 10 or 15% so don't try to tell me that problem with my phone is caused by something else than Asus development team. Device is amazing and we are understanding to you and your work, so don't treat us like dumbs and try to coop. We're playing in the same team.

  • thats right, im already keeping eye on this forum every single day in my office since im buying this phone, what makes me regret is i should have keeping eye on this forum BEFORE i buy the phone, not after.

    i always read every single thread in this forum like everyday, and when i saw something that they can't fix, rather than working on with the updates, the moderators only said that we have try to reset it, and if it is not working, we have to go to the asus care center for replacement.

    to be honest, im using iphone since like 7 or 8 years ago, trying to give this android a chance and decided to use this phone, but you know what , its pretty awful.

  • Anders is right tho, factory reset fix problems most of the time

  • I don't say it won't work. Its just not acceptable solution. If factory reset works, then it's software issue, then could be repaired by proper update.

  • so i think what he mean, you buy this phone, but do not use it as your main phone, because you never know when and why your phone need to factory reset. Can you imagine buying a phone but yet you are so afraid to do anything with it like installing apps or games or even put a lot of data in there, because you never know when your phone will encounter bugs with factory reset solution.

    This phone ARE NOT CHEAP once again, i am not spending this a lot of money just to be aware of factory reset.

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