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Hello , I just bought a Rog 2 phone last week. It run very smoothly . But I have one thing that really bother me which is the screen SOMETIME turn on and wont sleep automatically. This is just my gaming phone so I not really paying attention alot to it when I'm working. Most of the times , when I sleep and wake up 20min later , I find that my phone won't sleep. Is there any way for me to know which apps block this function ?


  • Within Settings>Display>Screen Timeout, what do you have it set to? I believe either 2 or 5 minutes is the default.

    It's possible your unit is set to "Never". Try adjust that to 2 minutes and whether this behavior continues.

    As far as apps that would keep your screen turned on, I am not aware of any. Has this happened since the moment you bought the device, or after you installed some new apps?

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    My screen is se to sleep after 30 sec. But an app that has something moving while doing nothing prevents it to go to sleep. For example you play Asphalt 9, stop and leave the phone with the game active, the screen would not turn off. You have to exit the game first. Otherwise the screen can stay on.

  • Good point, now that I think about it again Google Maps would do that, among other apps.

  • Hey thank you for your response. My screen timeout was set to 30second . I tried download apps names RAM Cleaner which close 90% apps in background including launcher. After done that , my phone will get sleep after 30sec standby .

    I didn't put any sim on this phone , only PUBG Mobile was inside other than Asus Apps if you wonder .

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