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Please help us to find the best screen protector either on AliExpress, or Amazon, or banggood. So far I have personally tried purchasing the different screen protectors, and one with black edges is covering the sensors, one with no edges is too small, and the third one is covering the speaker. All the of them were marketed as Zenfone 6, bit they seem to be really way, way off the necessary dimensions. The error margins are ranging from minimum 2mm to maximum 5mm in all the different screen protectors. I'm trying to find a good one, but I'm also tired of spending money, trying it out, throwing it out, and repeat. None of them fits perfectly.

If you were able to find the perfectly fitting screen protector, please share with us links to the stores with photo proof of it on your phone. Thank you so much!


  • I'm using a Nillkin H+ Pro tempered glass protector for the Mi Mix 3.

    The Mi Mix 3 front design and size is almost identical to ZF6, the glass is just a tiny tad undersized, but placed just right it is able to cover the actual display size and a good bit of the bottom chin. You have to be really precise with the placement. Basically place the location stickers right up at the top and side, half a hair before the actual display begins, and it should be perfectly center if you manage to place the protector right up to them.

    I have yet to find any other glass protector that both fit THIS well and matches Nillkins quality. Even ones meant for the ZF6.

    I have also read good things about Dipos brand protectors for the ZF6 on XDA. I ordered some, they have yet to arrive, but they aren't actual glass. Will report back.

  • So aside from the screen protector for the Mi Mix 3, there arent any other suggestions?

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    Try the protector from a website called glazedinc...i am using it.. i think it is best except nillkin and costs less also.

  • any way you could post a picture to see how the protector fits the phone?

  • Its a perfect fit... Dont worry about it.. its made specifically for 6z... I found its oleophobic coating to be better than anything available on amazon or flipkart except for nillkin stuff...but then nillkin doesn't make screen for asus 6z....

    I have used a few on my 6z..this by far has been the best...and the fit is 100% exact so you don't need to worry about it..

  • The Dipos protectors arrived.

    They are indeed plastic, I can scratch them with a fingernail if I press REALLY hard. Metal leaves clear lines. The size is perfect (Identical to to Nillkin, but half a millimeter taller to cover the chin completely).

    I will be sticking with the Nillkin.

  • Pictures please. I AM going to worry about it. I can find no clear image of the protector even on the site itself, and from the closeup picture it appears to have a black border?

    How does it deal with the edge curve? What do you mean by "exact" even protectors for the same device have different sizes depending on if they are designed to end before or go over the curve.

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