Cant create icons/shortcuts for work profile apps on home screen

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when created, these app icons or shortcuts stay for some time and then dissapear back into the app drawer,

Another way of replicating this error is to restart the phone after creating an work profile app icon on the home screen and checking if the icon is still there or not.

Another query about work profile and apps.

why can the work apps be separated into tabs or grouped in to one folder?




  • Wrote to Asus care about this issue and another one. - the Launcher is crashing.

    Launcher crashes once you start browsing for widgets by press and hold from the home screen. It scrolls for a while and at some point, it crashes and provides a crash response.

    Asus customer care provided a standard response i feel:

    1. Is the software latest version:? yes, it is.
    2. Go to the launcher - in the apps sections, clear cache and data. - yes, i did that- but realised that all my settings on the home screen, widgets - everything was lost and the launcher went back to how it was when i first opened the phone. But did not solve anything, it was still crashing.
    3. boot into safe mode and see if the error is happening. surprise surprise- widgets could be opened fully and launcher did not crash. But since work profile wouldnt be loaded in safe mode, could not check the other error.
    4. if none of the above works, do a factory reset! what!!! go through all this setting up again!? noooo...

    now, after i wrote to them with my responses, four customer service people wrote to me asking me to go to the service centre for repairs.

  • I will send you a PM with instructions on how to log your device

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I replied your email, but it bounced back. Can't post links here. How do I send you the log?

    Really appreciate the quick response from your side.

    Thanks & Regards


  • Don't reply the email. Enter the message I sent you which you can find in the top right corner. I will send you a new PM

  • Sadly after one month- this issue is still unresolved. cant use widgets, cant keep work profile apps for too long. Three software updates have happened since i reported this first- no change. :(

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