Is battery life getting worse?

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Not sure if it actually is, but i usually still has 40% at the end of the day now it's about 20%


  • From a full charge? How heavy are you using your phone?

  • yeah i notice that too, usually i get SoT 11-13h, but now only 9-10h, im a heavy gamer and watching movies intense.

  • I feel opposite, for the battery life improved

  • Battery life is same before and after update

  • Battery life even I was having issue after Android 10 update my sot was 6 hrs 30 mins but I was using it like that I was fed up of it . Then I asked mods . Anders suggested me factory reset . After factory reset I'm getting 10 hrs SOT

  • What is age of your phone? SOT is not real measure. If you stream music for hours in day, how SOT will give you correct data.

    Consuming your battery for,

    3 Days: You will get 5-7 hours of SOT

    2 Days: 6-8 hours of SOT

    1 Day: 9-10 Hours.

    But these also depends on what kind of screen on you are using. As if it's heavy process to render, SOT going to down. Mine is 3 month old. No issue with battery so far, some improvement after .129.

    May be AccuBattery kind of app can give you real health about your battery.

  • Thats why i said "im a heavy gamer and watching movies intense" in the end. SoT is my standard. fyi mine also 3 months old.

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    I'd say it's normal for any phone to have less and less battery as months pass if you're using your phone everyday. The main reason for this is apps. We constantly install new ones and old apps update and change behaviour.

    The first thing you can try is to go to system settings -> battery -> Powermaster -> auto-start manager and refuse most apps from starting by themselves.

    Second go to system settings -> advanced -> mobile manager -> press memory cleaner -> setup super clean mode -> press App list and go though which apps that you want the system to kill completely when you clear them from the recent apps overview. Many apps are still active even though they are cleared from the recent apps overview but this will "force stop" those apps.

    Do have in mind that notifications will be affected from the apps you choose to refuse to auto-start or include in the super clean.

    If none of these tips work, then you need to factory reset your device. This will do the trick in 9 out of 10 cases.

    A lot of people also don't know just how much affect screen brightness has on battery life. By going from 65% to 85% screen brightness may cost you hours of use depending on how you use your device.

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