PubG is lagging and it's more



  • @sauravshanbhogue Seems like you are a fanboy..

    I'm pretty sure I have been using Android since before you (HTC wildfire 2010) and have been doing mods since before you even heard about it.. So when it comes to knowing about Android, I'm pretty sure a fanboy like you doesn't need to show me arrogance..

    Not every phone works the same.. some may work fine, some may not..

    You either reply to my comment if you have a solution or if you are facing the same problem..

    No need to act smart and get arrogant..

    If you see, anders_asus has said that he knows about the bottom USB issue.. so that means there are some units with usb problem..

  • Even after clearing the memory.. the OS is using 3.9GB of RAM with no background or foreground running apps..

    Anyone who has any idea about how the RAM management is on Lineage OS?? And is there a way to use triggers in PUBG on Lineage OS??

    Thanks in advance!

  • Bro yesterday I upgraded to A10. Now frame drops are occurring more frequently. Anyone having the same issue like me? What to do any suggestions?

  • I would like to join in this discussion as well. It feels like crap sometimes when some one is at my aim I shoot and the screen freezes, the real time info still shows 59-60 fps but the screen keeps freezing the whole time I play pubg. I can share the video if needed.

  • No need. It's a common issue. I recommend you to reinstall your game. One common suggestion the developer gives is to prevent your device from switching networks. You can do this in the Armoury Crate Scenario Profiles for PUBG

    Please read more reviews to find more suggestions from the developer

  • My pubg is lagging like a hell even in x ultimate mode...frames fluctuates even in COD.... disappointed..i just bought this phone for i cant play......any solution for this..guyz

  • Hi Anders,

    Thank you for responding but it is not render lag which I am seeing it is something else, I don't know what it is called, the game screen just freezes for milisecond and then again keeps working.

    I did uninstall reinstall game, did game client reset. did phone reset and it still happens.

    apologies for the quality as I did not have any video converter on my computer.

  • "6,000 mAh"

  • Did you try turning nl temperature to high setting.

    Be it x mode ultimate or any highest setting, if temperature is not at high setting there are frame drops.

  • I have the same lags like hell when other players are nearby even at low settings with xmode on

    The lag started after the android 10 update.

    I tried clearing cache... reinstalled pubg and did many more things..still the lag persists

  • KanuKanu Level 2

    Try this guys. Game doesn't lag at all. And heat is also not an issue. Only battery consumption is very high

  • Yes even I am getting only 4hrs and 30 min from 100%to 6% that also with only 65% brightness but in A9 I was getting minimum 5hrs 30 min of pubG gameplay and Now even the cpu is getting abnormally heated with just X-mode Advanced setting but in A9 even the ultimate mode was not causing this much heat .

    If anything happens to my fingers due this insane heat I would blame it on Asus for providing bug full Software update .

  • Not from the 10 update .

    It's from the day of 10 update Camecout..

    I was using android 9 .it was same problem.

  • Well guys , I'm done trying each n everything but the game has to lag for sure . I'm glad to see if this is how game is responding to gaming phones then what will others be facing . In same case other people are able to play it , and I'm being fool who just can not kill one jst because of lagg . Player moving - 1 sec freez (getting knocked ) exit match . This is how I've have been struggling my performance matches everything is ruined . I wonder where are the people , who asked us to wait for it a while as it's gonna be worth the wait , please tell me how . Everything else is working butter smooth but chorme freez and battery draining (it does not means that it's getting empty real quick but compared to A9 yes it drains faster ) also after restarting the phone the screen goes yellow and after unlocking it take some time to get off the screen . Thankyou

  • +1 for yellow screen even it has happened several times for me .

    The only solution for that I have is to move splendid bar just a little and it becomes normal

  • I don't know whether it bothers you guys or not but I am very much bothered by it's red tint issue.

    During night even when I set my brightness to low my viewing experience is ruined. I have been told by Asus that I could have more tint than others. Anyhow, as far as I know each ROG II screen suffers some degree of red tint, some say it's due to high refresh rate. If that was the case Asus should have mentioned that in their specs earlier, not my fault. Spent a premium, now left with this piece of crap.

    I cannot play Pubg for more than 3 hrs and it freezes, heats like hell and if I take off my cover then I could get burns.

    Battery drain is one more thing, I have a fixed squad in which I play and all of them had OP 7 Pro so to play competitively I bought this phone and guess what I put my phone on charging before them. We all have same in game configurations.

    Chrome freezes and sometimes Pubg freeze (stays freezed) then I have to restart.

    Why am I so aggravated because I paid premium for top notch phone but everyday I am saddened because this phone clearly comes with lot of severe issues and my hard earned money is just lost. I was more happy with my S7, it delivered according to its promise, recieved it's security patch on March 2020.

    Conclusion for me, wait and curse myself for buying this phone until I can buy another better phone.

    Lesson learnt- Not to go for the fancy stuff by mediocre brands.

  • +1 for heating even I can feel my fingers going numb due that insane heat while gaming and even it happens when viewing webpages and watching youtube content.

    +1 for battery drain even I am getting 4 to 4.5 hrs of gaming with so called 6000mah battery .

    +1 for chrome freeze I know in other phones it happens but it happens very less but in Rog 2 after A10 it happens 8-10 times in 30 min

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    Free ram= wasted ram

    + If you really want to see free ram download terminal emulator and type free -h

    It'll show you the actual figure what you see in the ss above is avg usage

    And no lineage os doesn't support airtriggers,doesn't have armory crate + loads of other stuff that stock has

    So if you're okay with losing all the gamer centric features then go for LOS

    Btw havoc is now available too (unofficial)

    Omni rom will come soon (micky will try to port the features let's see if he succeeds if he does all custom roms will get it)

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