PubG is lagging and it's more



  • Ok I will try reinstalling pubG and if it works it eould be great :)

  • SRRY I forgot above question it laggs when we land on pochinki , georgepool , novo like where min 2 squads will come . It lags when there are enemy's near the place . Even when taking car gunfights it's laggy . When there are no enemy's it will become butter smooth. This is all I can say by explanation . Hope u can discover any problems :)

  • Ok.

    1. Unless you are a streamer or a pro player for a huge roster ,playing more than 6hrs seems very odd and I am being serious 10hrs mobile gaming is definitely not good.And again I am not sure about how you are able to find 10hrs?

    2. Also I can assure that smooth + extreme + antialiasing is more demanding than balanced +extreme alone. Also what is the peak temp of your device.

    3. Also any phone say even the iPhone lags when you have 4+squads + and a decent amount of smokes. Now please don't tell me that op7 does not lag because I can easily link you a video of op7 lagging (out of the many instances I have watched it lag ) whenever you ask to

    And if you still have plans to play the game 10+hrs( which is weird) you def have to buy an aeroactive cooler.

  • So the SD 855+ is an 8 core processor with 4running at full power and 4 power efficient cores. Now the good thing is that even the other 4 cores will automatically run at full power say the device actually needs to run a cpu,gpu intensive program

    What I have done is push all CPU cores to the max as well as the GPU to max perf using the hardcore tuning . Rest assured as Asus ROG 2 only gives you the option to 1. run the device at max perf OR can underclock it for more battery and better temps. So we have zero possiblity of overclocking it killing the device.

    Things you have to keep in mind is that max perf = high temp, and slightly more battery drain. Now for me I usually have temps of 36-37° with ultimate Xmode settings. And with hardcore tuning I have reached 39° which nowhere near to high temps this device is able to reach. So even though Experimental, it's perfectly safe.

    Also with my settings I achieved a higher score than the competition op7t on 3dmark which tbh is the only legit benchmark tool. Also note that before these settings I used to get a lower score even with x mode ultimate.

  • Haha Summer holidays = unlimited gaming ?

    3. SRRY for ur info iphone dosent lagg even if there are more squads A13 bionic chip + it's optimization is beast for AAA rated games. I didn't say op7 t laggs . It also laggs but as a gaming phone Rog 2 mus have more optimisation than other android's .

    My temp won't go beyond 42 degrees . I am not worried about heating.

  • Antutu or other releated benchmark scores are not related gaming performance . A12 bionic chip has low antutu score than SD 855+ but its gaming performance is better than rog 2 . Benchmark scores dosent matter all that matters is optimisation .

  • I was the one who said it was fixed for me. But after the recent patch PUBG released it started frame dropping again. I will record a video and PM it to you so that you can see when it drops frames. It's mostly during battle situations. Frame drops like crazy when you are rushing towards enemies or enemies rush towards you.

  • @Anders_ASUS ,no I play global pubg at 60 fps,forget about the lags ,we all know that lags won't be fixed just like the tint and we have to learn play with lags on rog 2,but in my video as you can see my player is unable to sprint,just walking in slow motion and getting killed,so I recorded the game as proof

  • Haha bro nice joke . You should be really stupid to see 'antutu ' in the comment I wrote. I clearly mention 'only 3d Mark' and no other benchmark . Don't talk like a fool unless you know how benchmarking actually works. 3dmark is of the most GPU,CPU intensive bechmarks available on Android . Also it is used in PC benhmarking too. You have absolutely zero knowledge about benchmark and are more focused in giving expert opinions

    Also iPhone doesn't lag you watch these clips. I have only 2 right now that I can remember and I can assure there are a lot of clips on YT.

    Edit : shit zentalk not allowing me to post the links if there is way to PM you I have two links of the xr /xs lagging + also the owner acknowledging the lag(so definitely not the issue with YT upload)

  • Lool ur TOXIC . I don't use words like that and I am kind enough to let it slide .

    U say iphone XR or XS laggs . U know only little for just 2hrs gamer . Don't point out 1 in 1000 iphone xR users cuz it might be for some reason they are having laggs . But see on YouTube ur self majority iphones don't lagg even when screen recorder is turned on .

    There is also another reason than its powerful chip and optimisation for it to run smoothly cuz it has 828 x 1792 screen to body ratio which requires less graphics to render than 1080 x 2430 on rog 2 . If u don't know this much then ur beginner gamer or light gamer .

  • Haha really I forgot to reply for ur first point . Even if u have the beast chip which gives better score on 3d Mark but if the phone is not optimised for games properly then what's the point of getting high score on so called 3d mark . In the end all that matters is on 60% optimization and 40% on chips used.

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  • Bro can u share the armoury crate and your pubgm settings here? Because I am experiencing the lag whenever the X mode is on.

  • From my experience keep the X- mode "as system " cuz I know ultimate X mode makes some places very very smooth and heats phone very very much but it laggs very very much even more than other X- modes when there are enemy's but it keeps places without enemy's very very smooth .

    Try using X- mode " as system " cuz it almost balences out everything like there will be significantly less lagg than ultimate when there are enemy's and it not as smooth as ultimate when there are no enemy's but it's smooth enough to play

  • So you honestly think we have a software issue that makes your character moonwalking when you want him to sprint? This is not how it works. Our system can can cause lag, artifacts, sound issues, crashes and stuff like that if there's an issue from our end, but it can NOT make your guy walk slow when he's supposed to sprint. That's 100% game developer issue and should be directed to Tencent, not us.

  • Lol I saw ur vedio I think it's not phone problem I think some files are messed up . The player is walking as if he is in water .


    But I can assure u that it's not rog 2 problem

  • (EXPERIMENTAL SETTINGS , WON'T HARM YOUR DEVICE IN ANY WAY USE ONLY FOR PUBGM) . Extract file and copy it to internal storage . Open Armoury crate, PUBGM then load this file. Use only for PUBGM. Also use it depending on your device temp .Anything up to 42° is okay. For me it never goes above 38° -39° even though roomtemp is 33°+

  • Thank you,@Anders_ASUS it got fixed after restart,but Fps struggle is real,plss solve the Fps lag

  • This is my profile, before Season 12 update pubg lagged sometimes then after the update it became unplayable but PUBG fixed it. Now I never face any frame drops or lag even while I hotdrop.

    I keep X mode always off. I play in HDR+Extreme (Anti-Aliasing ON). I sometimes also listen to music in background while playing.

    I think there's something to do with temperature when I keep that to low or default there are some frame drops. But at high there's nothing but it reaches 45 degree easily and frame of the mobile becomes toasty as it is made up of metal, cannot even touch it without cover. Without cover it is too hot to touch the frame. It also depends on air around you 45 degree is when my home's ceiling fan is off and 42 degree when cieling fan is on.

    While recording I have to turn on X mode and push CPU to 2.96 Ghz to play without frame drops.

    And just one more thing to add is that Pubg is not optimised on Android as it is optimised on iOS. So, be it even SD865 there's a very high possibility you might sometime face frame drops, I know because I have seen this on every flagship from OP to Samsung, Realme, iqoo every Android phone struggles sometime. Not our hardware issue, it's developers issue.

    Still, if you want the ultimate experience where the frame rate would only fluctuate between 58-60 fps, turn every setting to high and Xmode to ultimate, just beware it reaches 48 degree there, frame becomes cooking pan.

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    I'm not talking about that safety feature..

    The bottom port doesn't work even if the phone isn't hot/warm.

    I tried changing the cable.. with Huawei and OnePlus .. even those cable don't work.. I'm pretty sure it's the bottom ports issue

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