Rog Phone 2 Update



  • Ok, this is actually a good suggestion that I will forward to my boss. ASUS want to be as transparent as a company can be so maybe he will agree to this. Let's ? hope :)

  • Well if this goes through, it could very well be the best thing of 2020 so far in smartphone-tech community.

    Fingers crossed! ??

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    No one cares about your opinion bruh

    Create as many hate comments you want :D

    Sell the phone if being on the "latest android update" is that big deal to you

    The way Asus managed Zenfone 6/5z (2019/2018) device A10 updates further solidfy the point they are trying their best

    A stable update would be > a unfinished buggy update anyday

    + I say again Rog is an complex phone and not your everyday mainstream phone

    I'll just site this as an example

    [Rollout stopped] Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 10 update messed up fingerprint scanner? You're not alone (potential workaround inside)

    Oneplus too faced a similiar scenario when they pushed an buggy A10 build to oneplus 6/6t

  • Android 11 is currently for developers only. The only way we hopefully get Android 11 is if ROG Phone 2 is part of Project Treble when the Betas finally release. Android 10 beta for ROG Phone 2 seems to be nearly complete so we might have some hope.

    Any chance for ROG Phone 2 to be part of Google's Project Treble? (Partner Beta Program). Zenfone 6 was part of it, so maybe??

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