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Hi i bought an elgato hd 60 s+ to connect to my rog phone 2 to pc but it doesnt work. Does anyone know what might be the issue? Or do i need to use the asus professional dock/mobile desktop dock? (Currently i feel i need a hdmi splitter that has this thing called the hdcp passthrough but is that the right solution? Also which hdmi splitter that has that?) Sorry for the insane amount of questions haha


  • There aren't HDMI Splitters that will state that they strip out HDCP. Cause they'd get their products removed. I have one that can, which I used on my PS3 way back when. But the store listing is gone.

    I don't own an Elgato, but my AverMedia capture card has an option to disable HDCP. So you might want to look and see if Elgato does too.

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