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It was recently announced that in addition to the ROG Phone and ROG Phone II now being compatible with Google Stadia, the ROG Phone III and later devices will come pre-loaded with Google Stadia. This is a very interesting partnership between Google & ASUS and this shows that ASUS is serious in trying to make the ROG Phone the best gaming phone.

However, to truly take advantage of Google Stadia's cloud gaming and have a seamless experience, the ROG Phone III should not only feature 5G but also support as many cellular bands as possible to make sure that connections stay strong. One of the criticisms of the ROG Phone II is that it is missing some important bands to even support VoLTE in North America. It would be great if the ROG Phone III would have the bands (particularly Band 71) to properly support the new combined T-Mobile & Sprint networks this time for a seamless cloud gaming experience.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming ROG Phone III and I hope that ASUS can take what they learned from developing the ROG Phone and ROG Phone II to develop the best possible gaming experience on a mobile device.


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    In my country all bands are supported but there is no VoLTE support. Croatia is a small market, ASUS official dealers are not even offering the phone or accessories. When I ask about those they look in wonder. While Apple, Samsung, Huawei, One+, etc you can get on every corner. I am forced to get products elsewhere, practically have no warranty (as sending phone back would just be economically useless) and have full trust that my item would just work flawless. In a world where we continuously work more and receive less, that is not easy. So ASUS has a long way to go to develop phone division globally. Still I love the Rog 2, it's concept and enthusiasm of engineers who dared to put such a phone on the market, in the era of bezel-less and port-less and notch-full phones, very much. A phone from enthusiasts for enthusiasts. So if ASUS will continue this way, I will give my small contribution on their way.

  • Damn that sucks man. In the United States, the main reason the ROG Phone II won't be certified for VoLTE by carriers is the lack of bands that they want the device to have (even if it is capable of VoLTE without said bands).

    Aside from being ugly, the ROG Phone is the PERFECT device if it supported this basic phone functionality. It has both dual front facing stereo speakers and a headphone jack which is something I value a lot.

    I'm just hoping that ASUS would do right with the ROG Phone III this time around.

  • Nah, they will fix it for the ROG Phone 2 just not sure when. If they can't take a step forward with the ROG Phone 2 then it will be mostly the same for ROG Phone 3. The whole problem is ROG Phone is really a phone for the niche market and sadly not much people are giving interest to this device. So just hope that more people will show more interest in the device and more people will buy and not return them or sell them away.

    If I am not wrong, it is the same for Razer first came out without much VoLTE support until some time later...

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    Let's be optimistic and believe you are right.

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