Limited Notification Alerts On Rog Phone 2

tonyace1985tonyace1985 Level 1
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Not receiving all my notifications on my rog phone 2. Several apps are not showing up notifications. I tried to troubleshoot using mobile manager and autostart manager but still not working.


  • Auto-start manager is normally the reason but since you have already check that, try adding them in optiflex too

  • And look at all the notification settings for those apps as well

  • Hello, thanks for responding to my post

    I looked at notification settings and everything seems like it's set up right. I checked the apps in optiflex as well. No luck. Notifications still not showing

  • Hope you did not have power savings turned on or something. It will cut your data and wifi. Means no notifications.

  • No, power savings not turned on.

  • Same issue man. I don't get notifications from app named inshorts. Probably it has to do with the background processes.

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